The Short Goodbye.

After six amazing years of shining a light on the finest British filmmaking talent, we’re sorry to say the credits have rolled for the Virgin Media Shorts competition for the last time.

On behalf of everyone who’s worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make the competition possible, we want to thank all of the film makers and supporters who’ve helped to grow Virgin Media Shorts into the UK’s biggest short film competition.

As the curtains close, we’d like to take a moment to reflect on the great stuff we’ve achieved together. Over six years, we’ve watched 6,059 short film entries and received over 80,000 votes for them. We’ve also been lucky enough to work with some of the biggest names in Hollywood for our judging panels – including Kevin Spacey, Shane Meadows, John Hurt, Julie Walters, Thandie Newton, Gemma Arterton, Mike Newell, Mat Whitecross and James King.

A special thanks goes to all of our winners, who’ve gone from strength to strength and turned plenty of industry heads in the process.

Our first ever Grand Prize winners, Phil and Olly, are now established filmmakers – working on commercials and music videos all over the globe. Our 2009 Grand Prize winner Luke Snellin, whose short Mixtape was nominated for a BAFTA, is now a regular on the film festival scene as well as recently directing episodes for the critically acclaimed TV show My Mad Fat Diary. Oscar Sharp, who clinched a BIFA nomination for Sign Language, his winning film in 2010, has recently completed the film made with his prize money. The Kármán Line, starring Olivia Colman and Sean Dooley, is destined for success. 2011 winner Jason Wingard, director of the sci-fi thriller 2:20, has with BFI backing completed his latest short Going To Mecca, starring Britain’s Got Talent superstar Jack Carroll. Our 2012 winner Jennifer Sheridan has completed her follow-up to the adorable Rocket with the brilliant Acoustic Kitty. Jennifer made this short with her prize money and has her sights set on all the key festivals this year. And finally, last year’s winner Nimer Rashed is currently working with the BFI to finalise his script for the film he wants to make with his prize money.

Virgin Media Shorts has certainly been a life-changer for so many. So, one last time: thank you. And in case we don’t see you, good afternoon, good evening and good night.

Our 2013 Shortlist

What's your favourite?

  • Homey
  • Niche in the Market
  • RVG
  • A Favour
  • Jetpack Jack
  • The Man Who Couldn't Stop Putting Things in Bins
  • Touch  (Grand Prize 2013)
  • Brando-ing
  • Just say hi ( Nikon People's Choice & Tivo Awards)
  • Stick Out
  • The Big Day
  • Handuken
  • Spring Clean

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